Welcome to the world of books

Well some on has very rightly said that outside of a dog, books are a (wo) man’s best friend and inside of a dog ….it’s any way too dark to read :-).

Unfortunately a lot of us are spending less and less time with these most faithful of friends…..

In today’s fast paced life we often do not have either the time or the energy left to first locate and then visit a book store or a library for a good read despite inclination to the contrary. Well the remedy is now here

Books4You is an online library service that allows you to browse through an extensive book collection and borrow the books of your choice sitting in the comfort of your home and the best part – the books will be home delivered in span of 24 Hrs. There are books on adventure, fantasy, mystery, humour et al, brand new to lovingly preserved favourites all one mouse click away.

So all you book lovers hurry and sign up to your very own corner library!!

Visit: http://www.Books4You.co.in for details